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David Alsh

Software Developer

Auckland, New Zealand


My Story

I'm a technology enthusiast, beer drinker and backwards hat wearer

Software Development. What a journey.

For me, it all started when I was 12. My father had bought me my first (and last) console, a PSP. Unfortunately, I had no games with it, and the sound of the menu items clicking only remained entertaining for so long.

The console reminded me of a Game Boy Advanced, so I assumed it would "just" have Poke'mon. When I discovered it didn't, I realised that I had to find out how to get it working. BAM. Enter the world of source code, compilers and homebrew games.

That eventually led on to many late nights, sitting around at night with a pad and a pen, working out game mechanics for fictitious games. I had no idea how to make them, but that didn't stop me from trying to work it out. I thought about what would work, broke down genres and fantasized about the games I would make for myself.

Eventually, I started making projects like IDEs for PSP homebrew development in C# (essentially a transpiler for LUA that ran off a homebrew LUA interpreter).

I wanted to be a hacker one day, so I picked up a copy of Red Hat Linux from Dick Smith. I'd installed Windows 98 before, how hard could Linu- oh shi.. what is ext2?

Skip to today and I have become a man of shenanigans.

Leading start-ups. Traveling. Coffee. Engineering. Random Hobbies. Coffee. It kills me to not be doing something ridiculous.

I was previously employed by Brown Paper Bag in Auckland - an incredible company with some of the most talented people I have met. I am humbled to have been a part of their team, and have enjoyed every minute of it

The entire experience was like being strapped into a rollercoaster. Learning new technologies, given creative freedom and even led a team building a Progressive Web App.

In the future I look forward to more travel, more shenanigans, more coffee, and more beer.

Okay hot shot, so what can you do?

I am passionate about web technologies. My current favourite stack is Angular paired with Node/Express along with the appropriate database technology. I have experience in using both relational and non relational DBs.

I handle all of the DevOps, load balancing, security, sysAdmin, etc of my projects and enjoy a bit of terminal Kung Fu.

I have some skills in UX/UI design and can make HTML do whatever I want it to.

In the past I have worked with Java, C#, Python. I had a background in object orientation before I moved into the crazy world of JavaScript, with it's prototypes, observables, promises and asynchronous chaos.

Initially, my introduction to JavaScript involved anger. Why can I not just get a return value?.. ok non blocking fine ok. Eventually the pain turned into a fondness for it's expressive nature.

I am currently enjoying implementing more functional programming systems into my applications.

I really love the flexibility in JavaScript, plus saying big words like "higher order function" and scaring other developers makes me feel good about myself.